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The Warmongers of the Crossover Wars

The following comics and artists are the ones primarily responsible for the full run of the Crossover Wars events, no matter how much they'll try to deny it!

Alternate Delusion - By Tim Volpe
Ardra - By Jason Dunstan & Feswork
Atavism - By Richard "Cope" Bidencope
BetaPwned - By Tanya Higgins
CameoComic - By Caitlin Woods, Matthew Summers, Hogan & Aggie
Candi - By Starline X. Hodge
Circle Arcadia - By Inemesit Imoh
Cortland - By Matt Johnson
CTC vs. EOU - By Joe
Dark Red - By Lynn French and Joanna McKenzie
Dasien - By Neil Purcell
Detective Fork - By Kevin J. Guhl
Dog & Pony - By Caitlin Woods
Drunken Scribblings - By Rik "Tinkerbell" Davnall
Elvenbaath - By TdotOdot2k/Dotty
Evil Overlords United - By Ti-Phil, Net, Hogan & Mravac Kid
The FAN - By Benedickt Com Isaac
The Foxfire Chronicles - By Luke "Turnsky" Turner
If Then Else - By Fading Aura
The KAMics - By Keith Alan Morgan (KAM)
Kaspall - By Lucy Lyall
Keenfans - By KillerFish, Ankhareon and Squato
Legostar Galactica - By D.M. Jeftinija
Lightbringer - By Lewis Lovhaug
Life & Death - By Jonathan "Joff" Oliver
Lovemagic (NSFW) - By Tea Green
Magical Misfits - By Ron
Mechagical Girl Lisa A.N.T - By Ida Kirkegaard
Mindmistress - By Al Schroeder
M.Organ Art (NSFW) - By M. Organ
M.Organ Extras (NSFW) - By M. Organ
The Nineteenth Century Industrialist - By Renee Katz
Pimpette & Associates - By Laurel K.
Pr0nCrest (NSFW) - By Benny "Kennatsu" Reyes
Project A.D.A.M. - R.M. & M.B.
Public Humiliation - By Riley McCool
P.S.I. - By Fesworks
Rangers! - By Lanin D. Thomasma
The Repository of Dangerous Things - By Amanda Hardy
Rogues of Clwyd-Rahn - By Reinder Dijkhuis, Calvin Bexfield, DFG and Mravac Kid
(Guest Contributions) Stephen Crowley, Adam Cuerden, Jeroen Jager, Geir StrÝm and Robin Pierce

Sharing a Universe - By Stephen Soutworth
Sins - By Pip
Stickman and Cube - By Piebunny
Supermegatopia - By Brian and Stuart Burke (The Brothers Grinn)
Tales From the Institute - By Ron
Team Nexus - By Daffyd "KillerFish" Wagstaff
Those Destined - By Hayley "Brown Eyed Cat" Price
T.M.O.E - By Toren
Too Many Authors - By Littlebeast
The Volet - By Ti-Phil
Warmage (NSFW) - By Eric "Dumok" Flores
World's Worst Webcomic - By EvilCouch and Sacarasc
Zortic - By Mark Mekkes

The Wotch-Forum - By Squato, Israptor3k, Blackwolfe Coyoten and Leon Cage
The CRFH-Forum - By Loweko, Ankhareon, Cidhighwind767 and BT Issac
The EGS-Forum - By Loweko, Ankhareon, The Entiity, ASCIIskull, Pammy, Doruk Golcu, The Watcher, SPark

Furthermore, a lot ot other artists have given permission for the incorporation of their comics in the Wars, as well as having helped along with ideas, suggestions, co-scripting and general comments along the way. As honorary Warmongers we therefore count:

Ben Fleuter, Brad J. Guigar, CJ Burgandy, David Willis, Damonk, Howard Taylor, Jennie Breeden, NJ Huff & Steve Troop